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Over the past 25 years, Atlas Pearls an Australian listed company, has become one of the world’s largest producers of the highly sought-after, white and silver South Sea pearls. Operating across 7 farming locations throughout the South Seas the Company employees more than 900 people and in 2021 harvested more than 560,000 pearls.

Behind the company’s ability to continuously and consistently produce some of the worlds most desired South Sea pearls is the distribution of operations across 7 pristine farming locations. Stretching from the untouched national parklands of East Java and as far east as Alyui Bay, Raja Ampat, oysters are moved between farms to ensure access to the best possible South Sea waters for growth and pearl production. 

The Company’s significant breeding and hatchery program has enabled the company to sustain healthy and genetically desirable oyster brood stock, allowing the company to operate in an environmentally considerate and non-extractive method. Together with significant CSR programs designed to align community and environmental benefits with corporate objectives, Atlas Pearls strives to leave a positive impact on the communities in which they operate

In addition to the environmental benefits pearl farming brings to the immediate areas, the shift in consumer demand for goods with origin certification has become a key selling benefit for buyers of Atlas pearls. The Company is able to certify the origin of each pearl often down to the exact farm site the pearls were harvested from.